Hear Joseph Prince's Latest Message - 18th September 2011

Make Wisdom Your #1 Prayer Request



In all your pursuits, pursue wisdom from God! Join Joseph Prince in this eye-opening, must-hear message that highlights how much we need God’s wisdom for every situation, every day! Discover how wisdom that brings about divine success comes only from the Lord, and be encouraged to learn how Jesus Himself is your wisdom today. Learn how to pursue Christ as your wisdom and experience health, long life, riches and honor running after you. Take up the Father’s invitation to ask Him for wisdom every day and start walking in peace and victory in all areas of your life!




Make Wisdom Your #1 Prayer Request - Joseph Prince

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  1. Debora Myree says:

    I pray that the Lord would give me and you an extra measure of Wisdom

  2. kusaasira william says:

    surely wisdom is a principle thing i always pray God to bless me with it.GBu pastor

  3. Oyeyipo O. Stephen says:

    Glory to Jesus who is my wisdom!

  4. Sylvia Colon says:

    Oh so good!Amen to Godly Wisdom! My heart has been fed!

  5. Winyi says:

    True wisdom only comes from God! Open our eyes and Heart ; lord to look to You and You alone. Fight the good fight n keep the Goal in Focus……

  6. Linda Low says:

    It is true when I learned to pursue Jesus Christ as my wisdom, I experienced honor, worth and life more and more abundantly. I began to love my life as Jesus created.

  7. Yes, this is the number 1 request, I’ve always asking to God, to give me more wisdom so that I can do whatever He wants me to do. For writing this now, I thank God for granting this request. Thank You Lord Jesus, Amen.

  8. emmanuel agyekum says:

    yes its true that wisdom is the principal thing. we should go for it.. I receive the spirit of wisdom into my spirit. PS. Joseph God bless you. I always listen to you on day star TV From Ghana.

  9. Irene Ofori says:

    Pastor Joseph, God bless you for using you as a vessel to bless us with Word of God. Is unfortunate I couldn’t get the full message to listen on your website but I have been bless by little I heard on wisdom. May god give me and my family wisdom in everything. Irene Ofori – Ghana

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