Today's devotional, October 11

God Still Performs Miracles


Jesus said to her, “Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?”

John 11:40

God, who parted the Red Sea, rained manna from heaven, caused the walls of Jericho to fall, shut the lions’ mouths, healed the sick, raised the dead and calmed the sea, still performs miracles today.

However, some Christians doubt that God wants to work a miracle for them today. They believe that there were miracles when Jesus walked the earth, but they think that the day of miracles is over. And they talk about how everything will be perfect one day in the sweet by and by. But God wants us to know that He is still the God of miracles today.

Martha was like one of those Christians. She wondered if Jesus could perform a miracle when her brother Lazarus died. By the time Jesus arrived on the scene, Lazarus had already been dead for four days. So she thought that Jesus was four days too late. That is why she said, “Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died.” (John 11:21) And even when Jesus said that Lazarus would rise again, she said, “I know that he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day.” (John 11:24)

Martha believed that Jesus could perform miracles in the past and would do the same in the future, but she did not believe that He could give her a miracle when she needed it right then. You see, Martha was someone who lived wishing that the past could be changed and believing that the future would be better. But she did not believe that the “I Am” was there to meet her present need.

Today, God stands at the point of your need. What miracle do you need from Him? Believe that He is still the same miracle-working God today. Believe that you will see the glory of God. Believe and you will see your miracle!

Thought For The Day
The “I Am” is here to meet your present needs!

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  1. Sandhya D'Mello says:

    Father GOD we NEED A MIRACLE TODAY in ANIL’S employment…. open the gates for his job which you have planned for him.. I receive that blessing in the name and by the blood of JESUS amen….

  2. Michael says:

    Amen!!! God’s miracles is with me always through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen!!!

  3. Nokubonga says:

    Thank you for the reminder of who God is!!! I receive my miracle of employment, good health and also provision to the fulfillment of my ministry. I know all will be to God’s glory and I’m grateful for the trust He has in me to take me through this process!

  4. Thando Dlamini says:

    God i need u to open doors dat no1 would thnk they could b touched.n best doors Lord. I am not putin u under pressure, but soon would b nice.
    Thee Great I AM, i need a job n u knw im not alone. There are a few spiritual sublings of who we al share da same need.
    b da Jehovah Abba, Jesus Chirst name, Amen.

  5. Catalina says:

    Yes, God still perform miracles. The 12 years old brain bacteria, paralysed & coma indian boy that we prayed for now woke up and walk home with only brain confused. God is definately going to heal him completely soon. All glory to God.

  6. titilola says:

    i thank u lord for kemi’s employment because i know u ve perfected in Jesus, my father n my God i commit my forthcoming exams into ur hands,give me ur wisdom n understanding from heaven,crown my efforts with gd success.thank u Lord

  7. Sidney Lubis says:

    Oh, how I needed this reminder of the Great I Am today. I am expecting the Great I Am to perform miracles in my life . . . THIS WEEK! hallelujah! All praise and glory to the Great I Am!

  8. William says:

    Thanks to the i am who is right with me to give my job and impart in me wisdom for exam success

  9. William says:

    not tomorrow not yesterday but today oh! thank you jesus,you indeed are the iam

  10. RACHEL BOATENG says:

    I receive my miracle today in Jesus name Amen.

  11. Oscar dumenyo says:

    Yes Lord! Am ready 4 a miracle right now in Jesus name. Amen

  12. RACHEL BOATENG says:

    Thank u father, i receive my miracle today.

  13. Peruth says:

    In Jesus name i receive my miracles today and not tomorrow, thank you Father for your son Jesus who died for me.

  14. Edward Bamfo-Darko says:

    Pastor, we agree with you. I AM is here with us. Like Manna, His deeds are always fresh. He does new things in our lives everyday called TODAY for He says tomorrow has its own evils, so His solutions are also not same each day. Let’s believe this word from the Spirit today and forever as we wait for His glorious appearance and we shall be found in need. Amen!

  15. Edward Bamfo-Darko says:

    I mean we shall NOT be found in need, as we are waiting and working for Him on this earth. We are on earth this time for Him. He could have taken us to heaven when we’re saved. But He says I send you as My Father sent Me. Therefore, each day we must look to Him for our divine provision and solutions of this troubled and difficult world.

  16. Maria Chona Jones-Davidson says:

    Yes, I believe God is still on His throne today, and able to make things possible for His people if we will only believe. All things are possible with God and He is the great “I Am.” Amen!!!

  17. Ernest chima says:

    To God be the glory,He is really the”I AM”my life is testimony to this truth.I pray dat belivers come closer to him like early saints did to exprience great miracles,blessing,healing & protection he promised us in christ.

  18. Thapelo Ngwato Makgwale says:

    This is strong message I hope it will impact many others around the world! Thank you JP

  19. Dan Nitschke says:

    Psalm 27:13: “I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.”

  20. marta s. De Jesus Rodriguez says:

    Here I am, Lord let your will be done and your kingdom come as I heard and receive let your perfect will be in all of us.

  21. Jerry says:

    why can’t i just believe, he who has given his son will not also though him give us all things. Amen

  22. Vivien Dajao says:

    Dear God, You have taught me to trust you in your words and your promises that you will never leave us nor forsake us in times of trouble..I need you Lord to touch and perform miracle to me and to my family..Lord please do speak for me to my complainant who file a case against me that He will forgive and forget what had happen between me and him that he will have favor and mercy for me and my family and kids and that by this Christmas we would all live in complete reconciliation and move ahead in peace..Lord i humble down myself and ask forgiveness please have mercy on me Lord..

  23. Lovett Onyugwu says:

    Yes I believe in miracles .Last two weeks I went with my duaghter Ruth to our women realty and we were ask to hold hand and pray for one another and we did I asked them to pray for my son Mathew uchenna for a good job last week my son got two
    at ago Thanks be to I AM he is a miracles working God We christian should believe God. with God all things are possible to them that believe Thank you IAM

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