Hear Joseph Prince's Latest Message - 27th November 2011

The Battle For Your Mind

The Battle For Your Mind


Defeated by Christ, the devil resorts to lies and mind games to ensnare believers today. In this eye-opening message, Joseph Prince exposes the devil’s age-old strategy, and shows you how the enemy works to enforce strongholds in our lives. Discover the simple yet powerful biblical solution to winning this battle over crippling defeatist thoughts that impede you from being all that God intended for you to be. Hear this faith-filled message and be set free to enjoy mental wholeness and victory in every area of life today!

The Battle for Your Mind - Joseph Prince




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  1. Madline says:

    Its true, my mind is the battlefield.

  2. Riek Hospes says:

    Thank you for edifying Gods people to know that there is only One Winner in the battlefield and as He is so are we in this world. Praise the Lord!

  3. Jean says:

    Praise God He gave us His Word to renew our mind – Romans 12:1,2 and we can trust in His Love, Grace and Power to appropriate it. So blessed by this teaching,

  4. josette says:

    This is my prayer:Thank you, Heavenly Father, that those who think the thoughts of God have the blessings of God flowing into them. Help me, now to change my attitudes and become a different person, thinking different thoughts, so that by my changed attitudes everything will change. For this I give Thee thanks, in Jesus Christ.

  5. Rita says:

    I love Ps Prince’s messages – they are full of revelation and so uplifting! I am so thankful that we can order the CDs but may I suggest that the DVD version be made available too? I particularly like to see the Scripture verses refered to and most of all Ps Prince’s expressions and actions, he can be so funny/humorous! He makes the truth so real and down-to-earth. Please, please, please make the DVD version available for all his sermons!!! ;o)

    • Jo Lee says:

      I feel the same way too, but then we also need to think about the cost. I think the JPM is trying to keep the cost down to make it affordable to more people. Am I right, Pastor?

    • Feby G says:

      I totally agree! All sermons on dvd please, or Video format on itunes for faster delivery? Please please…

      I believe Jesus will provide all the money for ministry to produce all the sermons on dvd also for us the listener, the students, the children of God. He will provide us the $ to buy all the dvds. AMEN :)

  6. Feby G. says:

    I just downloaded the sermon yesterday, I hear it 3 times already. AND My spirit JUMPIN out of JOY!!!! WOW!!! What a wisdom of God! Truly! Now I know to distinctly separated voices in my head and free from responsibility of crazy thoughts that flying on my head!

    and all I do is just eat and take from the bread of life himself!!
    O Jesus you’re chewy chewy tastyyyyyyyyyy YUMMMYYY. I am full.
    Thank you Ps.Prince for feeding us with Jesus. Bless you.

  7. Nicholas says:

    I am a Bible reader and believer for many years and I learn so much from Joseph Prince every time. I knew about grace from reading Romans and my favorite verses are grace verses before I first heard him back in 2007. The first time I heard him I knew right away this is a ministry I love and must support and listen as often as possible. There is far too much mixing of law and grace today. We need to make sure that we are mentally in grace and living there constantly and renewing the mind. Legalism is just a wrong thought away, so stay in grace and the Lord be with you. Amen.

  8. jodycox says:

    This warfare is very real. The devil is really trying me. There are many problems and major troubles going on in my life right now. And Its nothing iv’e done wrong. Its obveous that this is the devils work. But, i WILL CONTINUE TO FIGHT AGAINST HIM ! I will not give up, and I will not loose this spiritual battle. If the Lord is for me, who can win against me. God bless everyone!

  9. Venice says:

    Before listening to J.P. i felt very helpless when things would happened I thought everything that happened was Gods will good or bad, now i know not to except the bad. And believe for the best. So far this believing in the goodness of God has saved our home from foreclosure, gave my husband more work, and me more work. Brought my prodigal daughter home, and still seeing more, and more miracles i hope to share soon. Last year in Dec we were given a foreclosure notice today we rest and are paying half of what we were paying before , plus we were able with Gods help to get rules reinforced so others would not lose there home so swift. we totally support Joseph Prince ministries it is changing peoples lives in such a grand scale it is amazing.

  10. Michael says:

    Thank You So Much God for exposing the devil and his deed out of my Life.

  11. lm says:

    Let us all receive the word of the Lord and see his mighty hand move in our lives.

  12. Hastings says:

    Jesus is my saviour and he is in me,the devil wil never touch me,i believe

  13. glendia marie says:

    I love to hear what comes out his mouth, Thank You , Jesus! Love It!

  14. Felix Th Lim says:

    The Battle invloves the mind but it is not just in the mind . There is even warfare amongst believers and in the church . The illustration on the armour of God also sates to be strong in the lord and in his might that you able to withsatnd against the devil . Then there is also the battle for true souls to be saved by grace alone and not be works that it is wriiten to put on the berstpalte of rigthepousness, love and the helmet for salvation for those who are saved and not chosen to suffer wrath and perdition and thatt he devil is a roaring lion walking everwhere and seeking to devour and everywhere also includes the church doiwn on earth .
    To what purpose is then that it is written not to put your trust in the wisdom of man but in the power of God ? and that he is able to keep himself from sin ?

  15. Laura Romanillos says:

    I needed to hear this…God always sends the right message !

  16. Jeffrey De La Rosa says:

    this is true and i thank God for the the spiritual warfare for this shows that i am in Christ,
    for those who are going though struggles this verse helps me 1john 4:4 and romans 8:28
    God bless you all and pray for me

  17. Esme says:

    It feels so great when you understand what others talk about.I feel like Someone is wathching over me, amen Pastor Prince God bless you

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