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Can You Lose Your Salvation? Part 1—The Truth About Hebrews 6



Is it possible for a Christian to lose his or her salvation? Those who say that it’s certainly possible point readily to the warning in Hebrews 6 as Bible proof. But what is Hebrews 6 really all about? Who are the people being warned here? Joseph Prince tackles these questions head on in this exciting message and sheds light on this controversial topic. This must-hear message will help you determine whether you live life with your eternal security hanging in the balance, or with your heart fully assured that heaven is your home.




Can You Lose Your Salvation? (the Truth About Hebrews 6) - Joseph Prince

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  1. Thank GOD! This has just solved a puzzle I’ve been battling with for weeks now. Bless you pastor Joseph.

  2. Beloved says:

    @matt blacketter it is conditional….conditional upon Jesus not u the translation was made on his name his currency(his blood) ur jus the benifishery! It’s not conditional upon u or you’d b entitled to some glory then,Jesus deserves all the glory and wants all the glory! Before U got saved u did many “good” things but weren’t good enough to save u! Same way u may have done many “bad” but they Arnt bad enough to undo the finished work IN U! B blessed bro b assured ur his cutie pie!

  3. Elizabeth Madoka says:

    It is always very encouraging to listen to your teachings and also it is very fruitful to my daily life. Centered in Jesus Christ, tuned to His Grace, and to His Gift of Righteousness.
    I am thankful to God for I am learning a lot from your Ministry. To day we are receiving more of your programes from local TV and from TBN and Day Star, so there is excuse not to sleep sometimes.
    Continue to bless us as God blesses you.

  4. Kevin D.Beauregard says:

    I enjoy listening to you speak the word.I look forward to watching you on tv.
    Thank you.
    Can i ask you to pray for me and my situation and for my friend Jill Whitfield that God will soften her heart,open her mind,heal her, keep her safe and get her out of the dangerous place she is in,in Jesus name…Amen
    Thank you.

  5. Ron Anders says:

    I believe in Eternal Security. The Bible doesnt teach one thing in 1 book and another in another book. Straight out it teaches, nothing (at all) can separate us from the love of God, we have (eternal life), not temporary, eat His bread, never hunger, drink His water, never thirst,written in lambs book of Life since the (foundation) of the world, that means your name was written in the lambs book of life way before you were born, New creation e.t.c. and for a non biblical argument…(Saved) is a past tense word for a future status…saved from what ? Hell…..when……..in eternity……so if you “end” up in Hell…..guess you were really never saved huh?

    • Ron Anders says:

      Also John 6:39 Jesus said it was the father’s will that all that He gives Him, that He loose not one. To not believe in eternal “security” means that you got away from Jesus. And that He didn’t fulfill His father’s will…….Now do you really want to believe that ?

  6. Taita Mileng says:

    My sins are under the blood! My past, present and future sins are sealed with the Blood of the Lamb! The Grace of God is sufficient And a promise guaranteed to every born again beliver. God loves you all with an unconditional love.

  7. Lovelyn odumah says:

    Amen nothing can pluck me out of the migthy hand of God

  8. Kauko Laajoki says:

    It is up to your own faith. If you believe that God has saved you forever by grace, it is so and will be so with you. But if you doubt you are living in uncertainty. Paul’s letters to non-Jewish churches, especially those to at Ephesus and Colossae, are good medicine against misbelief.

  9. Praise God that these teachings are real blessing to me
    God bless you Ps Prince as you bless us with the divine teaching

  10. kaks osoko says:

    My spirit is so lifted up knowing that truly, nothing can separate me from the love of Christ. Thank you for making it so explicit. God bless you in Jesus name amen.

  11. Steve G Sandoval says:

    Maybe I can bring some clarity to this conversation as I am understanding it by reading all your posts. As Mary wrote, true conversion and real salvation which only you and God knows will instantly change you because you become that new creation and YES- praise God – Jesus lives in us now through he relationship of the Holy Spirit. You can always tell when there is a genuine salvation in someone and this is why discipleship is so important. There is evidence that follows that new believer and follower of Jesus! #1.-There is a desire to know and learn and study Gods Word (TRUTH) -the bread of life for us now!
    #2. -There is a desire to tell everyone about Jesus and our new found Hope! Yes, we even become evangelist -some of us even come on too strong to all of our Catholic or religious family members and friends! -But you will become a soul winner for Christ and you just learn to become more effective and learn to allow the Holy Spirit to do most of the work! We are just a vessel that God can use because we are available and obedient to His purpose!
    #3. There is a desire to want to be with other believers, Christians who are fired up and committed Christians! For most of us who then continue to go and work out our salvation- we may fall many times, we may even rebel and want to just quit, we may give up on our ministry and calling that we all do have by the way! – But if we are truly saved then the Holy Spirit will eventually bring us back to our knees to bow before our Savior, King and once again submit to Him again our Lord! The Lord has me tight in my hands and no matter what He will not let me go for I am His precious son!

    So no if someone ever does turn there back on God as you say – then he was into a religious relationship with God and not in a real relationship with Jesus. There was no salvation to begin with! It is sad but the modern day church has made salvation too easy I am afraid just like everything else in America! Microwave Salvation – does have a real timer and it has led many people to a false and temporary salvation that will will be exposed by the fire and trials of life and the attack of our enemy -the devil! … Once saved always saved – only if you did get saved! – You will know them by their fruit!

  12. albert dodoo says:

    I thank Jesus for leting recieving this good news from Joseph Prince Ministries. I love it and it made understand the bible more,

  13. Ari-Amber says:

    I would love to hear the rest of this message – I don’t think this clip fully elaborated on the answer to the question that drew me into wanting to hear it. Thanks! :)

  14. should like to have the sermons, but then we need a visa, which is hard to become in Portugal. is there another possibility to bye it?special the bible studies are so precious. friends from holland gave us your books. God bless you and your familyl

  15. BB says:

    I cannot begin to describe the FREEDOM I am finally walking into. I was born-again as a small child, but I grew up in abuse and so much legalism. No matter how ‘good’ I was, it was never enough. All my life I have heard over and over how I needed to DO something more. If I wasn’t seeing ‘the Blessing’ in my life, it was because there was something I still wasn’t doing enough of. God began to teach me about grace in 1996 but I still couldn’t get past some of what I had learned. FINALLY, I read an article by Pastor Joseph just a few months ago. I began to devour everything I have found online and the book ‘Unmerited Favor’. Because of God’s favor in my husband’s business I am now able to buy CD’s and support your ministry. I have wept in praise and thanksgiving, over and over and over, as I have heard and believed that God loves me totally and that He does not look at my failings. He always looks at me through the perfection of His precious Son, my Savior!! My Lord Jesus is more real to me than He has ever been in my whole life! He paid the price, with His precious blood, for everything I would ever need or desire in this life. I am eternally grateful! I also am experiencing healing of a long-term condition. Thank you, Pastor Prince. I pray tremendous blessings for you and your precious family as you continue to expound ‘The Gospel of Grace’!

  16. Madline says:

    Amen. Stay completely under Pure Grace and do not go back to the law. :-)

  17. Patrick KWH says:

    When reading the book of Hebrews, 1& II Peter & I, II & III John; the reader must always bear in mind that the audience comprises of Christian & non-Christian (Jewish brothers of Paul, Peter & John). It will go a long way to help understanding many obscure passages found in these books. For instances; Hebrews 10:26 & I John 1:9 were address to seekers and not for Christians.

    When someone receive Jesus as His personal Lord & Savior; he has passed from death to life (1John 3:14). He can not die again nor can he be born again the 2nd time. To suggest we can lose our salvation is to say Jesus has not done a complete salvation work. No one can pluck out a child of God from God’s hand (John 10:28); no one here includes the devil and you.

    Nevertheless, when a born again Christian believes the devil’s lie that he can lose his salvation; he is more likely to live a defeated Christian life due to his DISTORTED view of his shakily relationship with the heavenly Father. 1 Cor 3:15 If it is burned up, the builder will suffer loss but yet will be saved—even though only as one escaping through the flames.

  18. Blessing says:

    I have heard the message but like many other believers I have wondered about that passage and below is what I think the Holy Spirit showed me.
    1) Must keep the whole of the book of Hebrews in context. To start with, it is about the supremacy of Jesus, His being accepted by God and His sacrifice for man. That is a once and for all done deal. His faithfulness and not our faithfulness. The original was one letter and was not broken into chapters and verses. So when we read it as one letter it flows and there is one theme in it and it is Jesus
    2) This passage is about Christian maturity and the Word of God being the agent by which it is done.
    So one we are babies, we are babies. But when we grow up, we can never go back to being babies. It will be impossible for us to go back to baby hood.
    If we follow the argument, from Hebrews 6:1 it tells us to leave the elementary things of Christianity and go on to maturity. Elementary things are repentance, ( first step or being born again, baptism etc) This is the entry into the kingdom of God. There is a life to live after the elementary things.
    3) Tasting the goodness of the word of God for example. There are many Christians who are stuck at baby hood= repentance and always repenting.
    So how do we go past that baby hood is what I think the scripture is about . It is the Word of God, tasting the goodness of it knowing who we are in Christ. what we have in Christ and how much God has done for us in Christ Jesus.
    4) So if we are not sure and are full of doubt, the solution is the Word of God who if we know our Scripture is Jesus. That way we grow in our salvation and mature. Jesus has done it all and nothing else to do. If we keep doubting is like we are asking God that Jesus’s first death was not enough so we want Him to be crucified again.
    Hope you get my point.

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