Today's Devotional, April 10

Pronounce Yourself Clean!


Then Jesus put out His hand and touched him, saying, “I am willing; be cleansed.” Immediately his leprosy was cleansed.

Matthew 8:3

Most of us are familiar with the healing of the leper in Matthew 8. It is a beautiful account of God’s willingness to touch and heal the sick, no matter how unclean they may be. Whenever we doubt God’s willingness to heal us, we should listen to the words of Jesus again: “I am willing; be cleansed.” He is the same yesterday, today and forever!

Since the Bible is clear about God’s willingness to heal, why do we still have problems with our health? Why do we still experience symptoms in our bodies?

I believe that the answer is found in what Jesus told the leper to do next. He told him to go and show himself to the priest. (Matthew 8:4) This was the law then for lepers who were healed. (Leviticus 14:2–3) And he was to hear the priest pronounce the word “clean” over him. (Leviticus 14:7)

You see, as believers, when we received Jesus, His blood cleansed us from sin as well as sickness. (Isaiah 53:4–5) But we keep hearing people pronounce sin, sickness, poverty and death over us. We keep hearing people tell us that we are unclean, undeserving, poor, weak, and that it is only natural that we grow old and sickly, and die.

God is waiting for a priesthood that will rise up and pronounce His people clean!

“But Pastor Prince, where can I find such priests?”

Who are the priests today? You and I! In fact, we have more authority to pronounce good things than the Levitical priests of the Old Testament. They were just priests. But we are king-priests by the blood of Jesus! (Revelation 1:5–6) Where the word of the king is, there is power. (Ecclesiastes 8:4) And by the word of a priest, every controversy and every assault shall be settled. (Deuteronomy 21:5)

Beloved, God has cleansed you, so pronounce yourself clean! Right now, put your hand on your heart and pronounce good things over yourself. Say, “I pronounce myself clean, righteous, healed, whole and prosperous by the blood of Jesus!” By your word as a king-priest, every assault against you shall be settled!

Thought For The Day
Because you are a king-priest by the blood of Jesus, you can pronounce good things over yourself and see them come to pass!

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  1. boipelo morwane says:

    thank u pastor I’m an annointed High Priest from the Lord.

  2. Clarence Goh says:

    Pastor Prince, your msg always make my day.
    Thank you pastor Prince

  3. Bob Makgati says:

    From one king-priest to another, Amen Ps Prince.

  4. Udeme Dennis says:

    Pastor, I love your messages, they always come as a light to my dark path. Thank you and God Bless you

  5. Bi Marial says:


  6. King-priests! Has a nice ring to it, the kind of title only FatherGod can bestow on his children! Thank you Jesus!

  7. Jerdean says:

    My tooth-ache is heal by Jesus name, Come on don’t think, don’t try try, don’t test or see if is true…..just believe God’s willingness to heal. Amen

  8. Segun Adeosun says:

    Certainly yes.

  9. akinhanmi timilehin says:

    Thank u lord Jesus. Am not only a priest but a King-priest with power. Thank u pastor!

  10. Johny Akansag Bera says:


  11. Haya William says:

    I am healed,prosperous,i got a job,am providing for my wife and son the life of their dreams-the best in Jesus name. Thank you pastor for unleashing the power within us in Jesus name.

  12. Victor Suppiah says:


  13. Lovelyn odumah says:

    I pronounce that i am healed by d blood of Jesus and that i will have children in Jesus name. Amen

  14. Mlala Blessings says:


  15. Henry I. Libetario says:

    Amen. Truly Pastor J. Prince, I experienced the healing of our Lord Jesus. I have a swelling left leg for almost weeks, and I cannot wear my shoes to attend the worship service, then I remember your message of what our Lord Jesus done to the leper and to the bleeding woman, I renounce the swelling left leg, in a few minutes it was gone. Hallelujah!!!

  16. Samuel says:

    What more can I say! Thank u sir

  17. VICTOR MATTHEW says:

    The words keep coming as i read through the inspirational text…i pronounced myself clean by the blood of Jesus and assumed the position i deserved in the mighty name of Jesus..God bless Joseph Prince and the great things he is doing in our generation.

  18. Rashidat Olowu says:

    I always look forward to ur message becos it is my guide for the day. It always make my day. May God bless and engrace my pastor

  19. Ntobe says:

    Thank u pastor i declare that i have passed all 7 exams that i am writing this May in the name of the lord jesus christ

  20. lire says:

    amen to that

  21. Ayotunde Ayo-Joshua says:

    God’s blessing in you will never diminish IJN. Pastor J P, you have continued to be a great blessing to me. Thank you sir.

  22. amen!!!! i am clean!!!

  23. Nkosithabile Dube says:


  24. nelsonmalintoy says:


  25. Joy chika says:

    This awesome word of God from you gave me hope and made me knw that God can do anything we ask if only we believe. I av increase my faith in God by your word.

  26. Jerry doyaka says:

    I am a king priest, halleluyah.

  27. Tracy says:

    I am most grateful Jesus for your blood. Thank you GOD for your son Jesus.

  28. thank you for this deep revelation now i can walk in this reality amen!blessed be the Lord who has done according to his word.

  29. Barbara Ohly says:

    I pronounce myself clean, righteous, healed, whole and prosperous by the blood of Jesus!” By my word as a king-priest, every assault against me are settled! Amen! Amen!

    Thank You Lord Jesus for Pastor Joseph Prince revealing your word to us all.
    In this world with much confusion around us it is good Lord Jesus that you have blessed Joesph Prince to bring his word to be more clear to us. Bless Joesph Prince and those people around him that impart your holy scriptures to us all more clearly.

  30. China says:


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