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Tongues—The Key To A Spirit-Led Life



Want to live stronger, healthier and wiser? Well, you can! In this anointed message, Joseph Prince shows you how you can live just such a victorious life, at peace with God and yourself. The key is the tremendous God-given gift of tongues. Through it, you allow the Holy Spirit to move more powerfully in your life, equipping and enabling you, helping you discern even between life and death. So listen and lock onto this incredible gift today. You will see your powerful Helper assist you in praying perfect prayers, and the wonderful works of God—to wholeness, wisdom and perfect peace—manifest in your life!

*Featured message preached on 18 January 2007




Tongues: The Key to a Spirit-Led Life - Joseph Prince

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  1. Sarah Spencer says:

    Thank you for sending this message via email today.

  2. Melisa Manhart says:

    I am a believer. I know I am saved. I know I am filled with the holy spirit. I have not received the gift of tongues. I don’t want to fake it. How do I access this gift.

    • Paula says:

      You must take a step of faith and allow the air to move through your vocal chords to produce sound. The Holy Spirit will help form the words. It was helpful for me at first to focus on praising God with my mind while letting my mouth and tongue move according to the Spirit. You have to let go of control. You have to let the sound come forth. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman and will not force you to do anything against your will. You must be willing to let the sound come forth and trust God to take it from there. He will. :)

  3. Lesego says:

    I can’t pray in tongues. How can I reach my breakthru

  4. Christy McCoy says:

    What a revelation, I have never heard an explanation of the Holy Spirit in this way. I knew it was important, but I didn’t know just how important. Thank you!

  5. Ann says:

    An uplifting and timely reminder from Pastor Prince!

  6. Debra Reed says:

    Praying in tongues is one of the most beautiful gifts God has given me, outside of receiving His gift of salvation. There is no way to adequately describe it, no more than you can describe or explain what a mighty God we serve. It truly is awesome how the Holy Spirit of God prays through us and allows us to experience how beautiful God really is. Praying in tongues is praying the perfect prayer of God and sometimes God will reveal to you what He has spoken through that language. It is just another one of the many spectacular attributes of our God.

  7. Karen says:

    I would love to receive this please pray for me to help receive this!! Praise Gods holy name

  8. Evelyn says:

    To pray in tongues is to pray in the Holy Spirit- when our human mind are overtake by God’s powerful annointing and became unfruitfull for the devel but we are overcome by a Power beyond measure to break through all the heavenly spheres, make us see God in all His holiness and power.

  9. Karen says:

    to those of you desiring to pray in tongues, perhaps Joseph Prince has a better response for you, but when I was seeking, I heard tongues is the Holy Spirit’s utterance, but you must let him use your voice. I simply opened my mouth, started the air flowing, and asked the Holy Spirit to supply the rest. Maybe that sounds too simplistic, but it worked for me. I felt like I was using infant language at first, but just keep going…. you will progress, and it is truly awesome to fellowship this way! Hope this helps someone.

  10. Aldo from Sydney, Australia says:

    Have just passed this on to one of the young men in our church whom I am mentoring. Prayed for him to receive a baptism in the Holy Spirit two weeks ago and he immediately BURST forth in tongues spontaneously – scared him a little at first – sure made me laugh -and now he’s enjoying this new walk too. PTL.

  11. Gina says:

    I love God, I love Jesus. I know God gave his only son for me. I know he died on the cross for my sins. I know how much he loves me. I do not have the gift of tongues and I question why. It makes me feel as if I don’t believe, that I don’t understand God’s love for me – But I do! Please pray I will receive this gift.

  12. Shonda says:

    I have received the gift of praying in tongues recently and I love it. Sometimes, when I’m praying in tongues it feels like my battery is charging up. A lady at my church was telling me that it was my gift from God that He wanted me to start using and she told me that I could do it. She then prayed for me and the Holy Spirit fell on me it was awesome!!! Next she told me to just open up my mouth and let the words flow out, I started saying words and she said “thats it” but I stopped she was trying to get me to keep going but I felt so good by the touch of the Holy Spirit that I was just soaking up every moment. On christmas day 2011 again another lady (same church) prayed that I would begin to speak in tounges more often. I was kinda shy at first. I didn’t want to fake it so she started speaking in toungues. Others gathered and they started it was really encouraging so I just opened up and the words were flying out and I began to feel like a deep inner refreshing feeling like my battery being charged! It was wonderful. The lady told me that when I prayed like this that it was “a hotline to Jesus” and the others standing around were telling me about the feeling I felt and other pertinent things about speaking in tongues. It is really fantastic! All I want to do is pray in tongues and every day I am speaking in tongues as often as I can. Praying in tongues is an avenue to pray the perfect will of God. I dont feel the “charging/refreshing” feeling everytime I pray in tongues but I know Jesus still hears my prayers and even when I’m in Winn Dixie (or where ever) I am praying in tongues in a low voice though so that I dont scare others around ;)

  13. Pastor Dan Paul Frdericks says:

    The surest way to constant victory, guidance and spiritual uplift net is anchored in praying in the Holy Ghost. Pastor Prince has done a masterpiece in explaining this concept that has eluded many Christians for years. Thank you sir.

  14. Linda Velu says:

    Hi there to all my sis n bros in christ,
    Just like how you receive salvation, receive the ability to pray in tongues
    with a CHILD LIKE FAITH . Our christian walk is impossible without the help of the holy spirit ! SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE !!!!!! Dont wait another second…Taste and see that the lord is Good ! Be baptised in the holy spirit and experienced the SHALOM PEACE OF GOD ! Amen !

  15. Kristen Adam says:

    This is such a good message! Someone prayed over me and I received a few words. I just speak these few words but if I am hearing correctly, I should probably be speaking more than a few words? Does it increase over time? Or does it flood over you? How does this work? I want to let loose more.

  16. Rita Akpojaroh says:

    I am a believer. I know God loves me so much and wants me to receive His best tongues being one of them. I have been prayed over but i still do not speak in tongues. I need help to understand this and prayers to receive this gift which i truely desire.

  17. Alicia says:

    It will increase as you use them, the more you ray the more they will develo, it takes time but they do increase.. Kee doing it in faith even if it sounds weird.

  18. Alicia says:

    To Rita: Its already in you but it needs to be soken in faith. You cannot feel fear or doubt because its only your language, just blurt it out in faith. Kee edcersing it in faith, and dont let anyone tell you you cant do it or you dont have it.. Its there, move your tongue and do it in faith..

  19. sam says:

    i truly enjoy speaking my home language (tongues), its always a wonderful even to worship in tongues. wat agift “a hotline to GOD”

  20. Pamela says:

    I am truly grateful for Pastor Prince and this message. I was really amazed when I started praying in tongues recently and although I have no way of knowing what am praying, I always feel at peace within myself.

  21. florence wandyembe says:

    I am a believer too but i have not got the gift of speaking in tongues yet ,but i believe it will come still trying very hard.people prayed over me but it never happened, any book which can help me show me to get it right.sometimes i feel out of place in Church when everyone start praying in tongues.

  22. Tshidi says:

    Awesome!!! especially, the revelation that there’s a difference between tongues as a sign and a gift. Wow, u just closed the case. Lol. I love this.

  23. S Spinar Syiem says:

    Thank U pastor Joseph Prince your teaching about speaking tounges i’s powerfull massege & clear! God bless U

  24. Bob van der Berg says:

    i agree with the speaking in tongues, I believe it is very important and such a blessing when you can pray in the Spirit in line with the will of God. We know how to pray but not always what to pray for and that is when we need the Holy Spirit
    to come and help us pray the will of God in difficult situations.

  25. AnnMarie says:

    After my 13yr old daughter anointed me with oil, my head, my hands she kneel down and pick my feet up and anointed them. I am mom Annmarie. I mom was move by the Holy Spirit to anoint her as i put the oil on her forhead and begin to pray i started speaking in tongues her eyes open with amazment so did i but, i close my eyes and continue to pray. To GOD BE THE GLORY

  26. My testimony for those who desire to be baptized in the Holy Spirit:
    When I was 15 years old, the Lord began speaking to me about having fellowship with Him. I had accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was 8, but I had not grown in the knowledge of Him. I began to pray daily and read His Word. Then, one day on the way to my place of prayer, the Lord spoke to me concerning my need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. He told me that the only reason that I had not received was because I hadn’t believed that it would happen to ME! Immediately I had faith to receive! I threw my hands in the air, and as I began to worship the Lord, saying, “I am going to receive right now!” I started speaking fluently in the heavenly language!!! The Holy Spirit is a gift, JUST AS SALVATION is a gift…TO BE RECEIVED! We simply use the words of our mouth to make our choice to receive, such as, “Yes, thank you, Father God, I accept your free gift of the Holy Spirit!” It’s that simple. We don’t need to try to get God to give us a gift that He has already offered…JUST AS SALVATION…We simply ACCEPT the gift by the words of our mouth, which come from our heart. BLESSINGS TO YOU IN JESUS’ NAME! BE FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT!!!

  27. Team JP says: (Author)

    Hi Frank,

    Thank you for your comment. You may find a list of sermons related to Tongues on our online store. Kindly click on the “Store” button located at the top right of the page.

    Team JP

  28. holyyoly says:

    praying in tongues is a powerful weapon given to us from father GOD.And this gift is so unique all we have to do is open our mouths and the HOLY SPIRIT will fill our mouths,isn’t our GOD amazing?Believers God has given us this gift to protect our from the plans that the devil has against us.It is time we take back our families ,our children, our health and every thing that the devil stole from us,and we could only do that by praying in tongues for hours every day.Thank you father GOD for this gift.

  29. michiel pieters says:

    i have been following pastor joseph messages for a year in south africa-what a blessing to listen to a person bringing the true word of JESUS to us-may you be there for years to come and lots of people to also experience HIM-regards

  30. monica ukasanya says:

    pls teach me how to pray in tounge

  31. cylviAnn Mens says:

    I am grateful to God for giving me this wonderful gift. I just received it but i know by faith i wil move to d next level and then to the next level. Yahweh i thank you.

  32. charles nam says:

    Hi,thanks for a well tailored expository on praying in tongues.May God bless u richly

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