Hear Joseph Prince's Latest Message - 12 August 2012

Giving To Jesus Who Keeps On Giving

Giving To Jesus Who Keeps On Giving


What does the Lord do with what you give to Him? Is anything that you give to Jesus out of a revelation of His goodness ever a “waste”? Join Joseph Prince as he answers these pertinent questions and mines nuggets of truth on giving to Jesus from the New Testament account of the upper room preparation. Be enlightened as you see how you can never outgive the One who keeps giving to you. See how your gift placed in His hand can only be multiplied back to you. This message will forever change the way you feel about giving to Jesus!




Giving to Jesus Who Keeps On Giving - Joseph Prince

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  1. Hi Pastor Prince,
    As always a passionate message that brings joy and awareness of our Jesus.
    Thanks for once again to share and uplift our saviour.

    Be blessed and enjoy your day


  2. Madline says:

    Amen! :-) Thank you Pastor Prince.

  3. What an amazing Lord we have. Thank you for the word

  4. Jean says:

    Jesus conquered death and the grave, Hallelujah!

    He just keeps on giving and giving and giving…….

  5. THOMAS DANIEL says:

    Really encouraging and reechoing and resounding into our soul and enriching us in spirit to give and be the BLESSED OF THE LORD

  6. Grace Udofia says:

    Thank you Lord Jesus that You have conquered death and grave and have delivered us from the power of it. Truly, the word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two edges sword. I’ve seen it work for me destroying pain in my body. Hallelujah.
    Thank you Paster Prince for teaching the pure gospel of our Lord Jesus and making it sweeter and sweeter everyday. I’m always blessed by your teaching. May the Lord continue to bless you and your household, in Jesus name. Amen.


  7. Lisa West says:

    I just appreciate you Pastor Prince! Thank you for helping me see my Jesus rightly, I just love Him more and more! Wow and not to mention how much He loves me! I am truly His beloved. May God continue to grant you revelations of Himself, to impart to all of us. You are truly blessed to be a blessing! May God supply you and your family one grace after another and spiritual blessing upon spiritual blessing and even favor upon favor and gift heaped upon gift. John 1:16 amp.


  8. Ben Longkumer says:

    Thank you pastor, every time i read your devotion or meditation verse or hear your message, im blessed so immensely, your presentation is so very simple yet full of spirit, i just can’t get enought of God’s word through you, i look forward to know more of God’s own through you, God bless you

  9. Pastor Gary Riley says:

    I Praise God that through you Pastor Prince, that Pauls writings have been unlocked in my life. Jesus’s Grace and Mercy are so powerful in my life now. i finally realize that i am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. May God richly Bless You and Yours!

  10. Odigomma U N says:

    Give and it shall be given unto you good measure, pressed down, shaken together, shall Jesus give back to you! Allelujay!

  11. vitoria orimoloye says:

    I thank God and Pastor Prince for this message am blessed.

  12. Indi says:

    Amen. Thank you Pastor for always reminding and showing us tht all Jesus did is for our benefit, am blessed.

  13. Barbara Raines says:

    Pastor Prince, I don’t have sufficient words to express my gratitude for your teaching on Jesus. I found your broadcasts on satellite six months ago. I watch & listen almost daily and every day I grow more in love with Jesus. I had NO idea how much he loved me although I’ve been a Christian for awhile. Your teaching on ‘no condemnation’ is changing me as I’ve realized my long-held sense of guilt and shame beginning in my youth.

    God is so gracious to us! May you, your family and the ministry be blessed with all of God’s blessings for many years to come.

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