Hear Joseph Prince's Latest Message - 19 August 2012

Jesus’ Righteousness Is Greater Than Adam’s Sin

Jesus’ Righteousness Is Greater Than Adam’s Sin


What Jesus did on the cross to make you righteous will always be greater than what Adam did in the garden that made you a sinner! So which will you be conscious of today? Be blown away as Joseph Prince shows how the superior work of Christ has won for you an everlasting righteousness that cannot be undone by your failures and mistakes. Get the truth also on what “sin unto death” and “obedience unto righteousness” really mean. These revelatory truths will empower you to break free from the grip of sin and reign in life!




Jesus' Righteousness Is Greater Than Adam's Sin - Joseph Prince

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  1. Grace Udofia says:

    Lord Jesus, not my righteousness but yours. Thankk you for making me righteous
    My God, each morning when I wake up, I wake up with Pastor Joseph’s daily criipture meditation and powerful anointed message.. It makes my day go brighter and brighter knowing that God has declared me righteous. Thank You Jesus for this anointed great man of God. I pray that you will continue to bless him, his ministry and his household. In Jesus name. Amen. Love You PJ

    • URsula says:

      Yes, I agree, praise God. This anointed man of God is changing my life and thinking. I rarely miss a sermon.

  2. Alan Zou says:

    Jesus Christ came down to save all of us from condemnation that was brought upon by Adam. That alone shows us how much God loves us!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for The truth that sets free.The Father loved us so much to seek who would go to reveal His love .King David was a men after God’s heart .Jesus the very Heart of Our Father .Jesus said ‘I will ,send me”.”it is finished”.His Gift of salvation He gives without repentance .His love and Mercie trough Jesus never fail .Amen

  4. kevin toqe says:

    Again, another perspective of GRACE based on the Word as I’ve never seen or heard it.
    “If I can undo my righteousness, then sin is greater than my righteousness.”

  5. Maikeletse says:

    God is love

  6. praise Gmod for is uncondition love unto us,thy brethen,pr

  7. Ggenga Ogedengbe says:

    This is mind blowing and awesome. Tkx Jp 4 minining the truth. Hüuuuh! I lovvvv itttt.

  8. chulho yang says:

    It is His obedience that made us righteous !
    It is all about Him Jesus Christ !

  9. Dex says:


  10. Bob van der Berg says:

    It was not my sin that made me a sinner, it was not my righteousness that made me righteous. Thank God for that unspeakable gift of righteousness through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen!

  11. Frederick says:

    thank God am free from condemnation.what a life transforming message by pst Prince

  12. Thank you, each morning I now speak Romans 10:5 “I am the righteousness od God in
    Christ” to start my day. Your message has made Romans so alive to me.

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